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Violinist. DJ. Producer.

Moody is DJ Manifesto's deep-tech alias.

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Magnetic Magazine


Sylvie Barnett | Music 

"'Tu Suenos' uses cosmic synths and frequency elements of MOODY's violin to build around the topic of never giving up on your dreams."

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Konstantinos Karakolis

"Las Vegas-based producer and violinist MOODY has returned with 'Tu Suenos,' a captivating techno record that showcases his forward-thinking production with hypnotic basslines and earworm melodies."

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Exron Music

Charlotte Vosbeck

"Showcasing his musical prowess and knack for techno productions, 'Tu Suenos' takes the listener on an epic journey through a brilliantly-designed soundscape and is sure to become a fan-favorite across dance floors."

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Daily Beat


Justin Angle

"While it takes listeners on a mind-bending auditory adventure, 'Tu Suenos' is not the only enticing original from MOODY. This Las Vegas native is still hot off last year's releases, 'Karma' and 'Don't Say.' With more exciting projects in the works, MOODY is definitely an artist to look out for."


Marquis White | Management

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