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Whether you call it a declaration, a statement or a dance party it’s clear – DJ Manifesto’s music is his message.

Come to a DJ Manifesto show and you’ll experience a sense of sonic elevation only possible through the combination of graceful violin strings and the hypnotic beats of bass-driven, melodic electronic music. Combining these seemingly disparate styles is an ever-evolving process that continually challenges the producer.

DJ Manifesto’s proclamation in life - blending the violin and electronic music, has been a lifelong process. He picked up his first violin at age five and his first set of turntables at 11 when his local YMCA invited him to DJ an event. After, he took over his father’s recording studio and began producing music.

DJ Manifestos foray into dance music went deeper when he discovered Tiësto through Napster at the dawn of the new millennium. He played Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold and other early influences on the radio in his home state of Virginia at a time when most DJs were playing hip hip-hop top 40.

Napster led to hosting radio shows, which led to crate digging, which led to a greater focus on original production. In 2008, at the behest of his mother, DJ Manifesto first played live violin and electronic music together at a Halloween show in Washington D.C. This is usually the part that says “and he’s never looked back since,” but clichés are far from welcome in DJ Manifesto’s world.

DJ Manifesto has played over 1,500 shows throughout his career, sharing the stage with artists including Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali and Victor Calderone. He had a stint as half of Los Angeles-based duo Rome Will Burn, a group that garnered over a million Spotify plays and earned him the opportunity to work closely with Randy Jackson and world-renowned composer David Campbell.

A bona fide car enthusiast, cat lover (just ask Smokey and Leo) and vegan, conscious living isn’t just a fad DJ Manifesto is jumping on, but a way of life that seeps from who he is as a person into his music, live shows and artistry. Whether it’s through volunteering, participating in animal rights events or giving free youth violin lessons, DJ Manifesto encapsulates what it means to live consciously.

The artist now resides in Las Vegas, a city that, much like his output, embraces both amazing production & futuristic technology. Here he continues to evolve his artistry and spread his music - his true Manifesto in life.